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Necessary Steps to Jumpstart Your Business Workshop: Startups, Start over & Start Growing Your Business, Dreams, Ideas or Vision Overcome Your Fears – Failures & Finances & Make Your Business Happen!

Are your thoughts and ideas all over the place? Do you have so many thoughts you need to learn how to put them in perspective? Still trying to figure out how to make the cash register ring?  Register NOW – Online (Live) and Learn how to turn your ideas, plans &  vision into a sustainable profitable business! Every business or entrepreneurs will eventually circle back and realize they must first learn the Necessary Steps to Making their Business Happen! You can save time and money and learn it NOW!

Making Money Matters Workshop:  Structure, Systems & Strategies (Live Online – Workshop) Develop Your Mindset -Marketing & Message to Make Your Profit!

Is your cash flowing out of the business instead of into your business?Do you have a grand idea or an amazing business but you are not making money? Have you been in business for a while, yet you are not making money? Do you need to make more money than you are making? Bottom line…. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE MONEY?  Then REGISTER Now!  Making Money Matters is an online group coaching/training that will develop the structures, systems & strategies you need to make money! For dates text MMM to 704-567-5118


       Women Inspiring Sisters Everywhere                        Empowering & Advancing Women Entrepreneurs   Ladies this is for you! WISE focuses on the importance of women understanding their true value and offers opportunities and strategies to be successful at what life and business have to offer.  WISE is hosted at the home of Donna Reed and she personally makes sure each person who attends is empowered, excited and encouraged to be successful in life and business.  Follow Your Dreams….. Relaxing, Rewarding & Renewing! Dinner, tools and you will be in the presence of awesome women because you are there!

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Church on the Grow

Strategies, Structures, and Training

Assisting churches in growing spiritually, numerically, emotionally and financially.     Register at for the workshop schedule.

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Moving the DECIMAL in my business and profit

Making MONEY Matters Workshop (Structure-Systems-Strategies)

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Necessary Steps to Jump-Start Your Business (Why? Wants! What?)

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