Donna Lee Reed  — Business Coach & Strategist

Specializing in Entrepreneurial & Church Growth Start-ups — Start overs — Start Growing!

90 Days to Moving the DECIMAL to Increase Your Wealth – Health & Success
7 Powerful Steps to Making It Happen!!!

“When a DECIMAL is moved in the right direction it increases the value of the number. You will discover the same is true for your Wealth-Health & Success.” Let’s Make It Happen

Dedication:  Develop Goals & a Time Management Table

Education & Evaluation: Identify Tools/Design and Implement Strategy

Communication & Confirmation: Create a Plan of Action  

Innovation & Information: Become the Expert & Measure the Money 

Motivation: Implement the Plan of Action 

Action & Appreciation – Integrate Daily Behaviors into Action Plan 

Legalization: Congratulations! You now have the  Plan & Tools to Achieve Success & to Move the DECIMAL!!!   


Follow Your Dreams…