December 16, 2014

Meet Donna

Donna Lee Reed  is also known as one of the most influential, motivational & inspirational speakers and  Business/Life Coach and  Growth Strategist.  Ms. Reed offers solutions and results to building a profitable business, balanced life and the strategies for success. Ms. Reed specializes in business and church growth to those starting ups, starting over or starting to grow their business, profit, church or personal goals.

The formula Ms. Reed has developed to teach the path to success is transforming the mindset, the message, the method and the marketing to reach the masses; and having your structure, systems & strategies in place for guaranteed profit & success.

Motivating the Multitudes           

Below is Ms. Reed’s Preferred BIO 

Donna Lee Reed is:

  • Artist
  • Advocate for Adoption
  • A Motivational Speaker
  • A Successful Entrepreneur
  • A Church Growth Strategist/Consultant 
  • A Business Strategist &  Growth Coach
  • Author of “Life Is A Puzzle, Until You Find the Missing Pieces”
  • A Co-founder/Visionary of (TBAGS) Teach Boys And Girls Success
  • An  Inspiration & Founder of W.I.S.E. Women Inspiring Sisters Everywhere
  • And Founder of the National Family Empowerment Conference & Expo
  • Founding Partner and Training Development, Coach-Speaker with

She is proud to be:

  • A Mother of 4 daughters & 3 son-in-laws
  • A Grandmother of 18 (15-grands &  3-great-grands)
  • An Ordained Minister – Former Pastor New Perspective Community Church

Donna Lee Reed is a sought after Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Business/Life Coach & Strategist with a unique and compelling way of inspiring her listeners. Her passion is in the field of adoption and foster care, women, and youth entrepreneurial development.

Above all the articles, awards and recognition she has received, Donna’s greatest reward and motivation is her relationship with God and the growth, development, and success of those she has impacted with her story, encouragement, and coaching.