Follow Your Dreams!

Founder of TBAGS, Inc., & National Family Empowerment Conference Committed to Making Your Dreams & Vision Happen” 

Donna Reed grew up as a foster child with an amazing Mom & Dad who always told her she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. At age 18 she left home to find herself in a world she was not ready for….Donna would ultimately hand-craft her way from welfare to wealth; the life defining journey would determine her to dedicate her life to developing the skills and talents of women and teens and to prepare them for the real world and success with an entrepreneurial emphasis!   

Motivating the Multitudes 


Donna Lee Reed is a sought after Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Business/Life Coach & Strategist with a unique and compelling way of inspiring her listeners. Her passion is in the field of adoption and foster care, women and youth entrepreneurial development .

Above all the articles, awards and recognition she has received, Donna’s greatest reward and motivation is her relationship with God and the growth, development and success of those she has impacted with her story, encouragement and coaching.

Donna Lee Reed is the Founder and CEO of TBAGS, Inc. the parent company of the following organizations: