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Entrepreneurs and Businesses have learned that businesses GROW 10x faster with a Coach (Forbes)


“My promise is to coach you with integrity, keep you focused on your success and develop creative marketing strategies to grow your business or ministry.— My goal is to support you in creating a plan to grow, increase your revenue and productivity and to keep balance in your life.– My mission is to discover anything that may hinder your growth and replace it with a solid plan to grow your dream.”


Specializing in Entrepreneurial & Church Growth Start-ups — Start overs — Start Growing! Group training is for those who have different goals yet will receive the same training and Team Coaching is for a group that has the same goal i.e. (church, organizations, corporate, family etc.)


Become a Successful Speaker, Author or combination. Overcome the fears associated with being a powerful speaker. Learn to tell your story emotionally and effectively; Learn to Own Your Stage, Engage Your Audience and Deliver your “ASK”. Turn your Passion to Profit!


Technology allows training, coaching and one-on-one clients from all over the country to receive the same quality of face-to-face coaching as in person clients. You may choose to phone call in or Zoom.

“It is my Position to Position You for Greatness” Donna L. Reed

Online Webinars, Group Coaching and Training

Necessary Steps to Jumpstart Your Business

Are your thoughts and ideas all over the place? Do you have so many thoughts and need to learn how to put them in perspective? Still trying to figure out how to make the cash register ring? Register NOW – Online (Live) and Learn how to turn your ideas, plans & vision into a sustainable profitable business! Every business or entrepreneurs will eventually circle back and realize they must first learn the Necessary Steps to Making their Business Happen! You can save time and money and learn it NOW!

Making Money Matters

Is your cash flowing out of the business instead of into your business? Do you have a grand idea or an amazing business but you are not making money? Have you been in business for a while, yet you are not making money? Do you need to make more money than you are making? Bottom line…. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE MONEY? Then REGISTER Now! Making Money Matters is an online group coaching/training that will develop the structures, systems & strategies you need to make money!

Positioning for Greatness

1. Learn & Implement the right Marketing – Mindset – Message 2. You must build and surround yourself with the right TEAM that will support your SUCCESS!!!!!! 3. Learn how to keep your team motivated and inspired to keep moving you forward will equal their success. Position for Profit! 4. Do you have to PAY for your TEAM? Learn how to afford a TEAM without spending your money and why having the right TEAM is a (WIN – WIN) for everyone!

I’m Almost Ready to Start with a Coach!

I totally understand that some people are ALMOST Ready for a Coach. There are 2 Ways to find out if that is You? First, You can schedule a 30 minute complimentary session or Secondly you register for the Almost Ready Package which Includes: One 1-Hour One-on-One Coaching 2 Live Webinars – “Making Money Matters” “Necessary Steps to Jumpstart Your Business” One Follow-up call – Incentive to take the Next Steps

Committed to Making Your Goals & Dreams Happen!

Why Coach with Donna lee Reed? You will understand the power of your Value, Your Voice & Your Vision!

You will Know Your: Why-What- Wants... Create the Right: Mindset- Message- Marketing... Develop Your: Package- Product- Path to Success... Implement: Systems- Structure- Strategies... Overcome Your: Fears- Failures- Finances... Balance in Your: Life- Leisure-Let Go

Are You Ready To Write or Tell your Story? Are You Ready to Live Your Dream? Now is the Time!!!

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